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Before and after RF (2) Anti-AgingThe spa is excited to add two very effective anti-aging therapies to their line of skin care treatments. These same treatments are offered in Medical spas, cosmetic surgeons and dermatology offices at considerably higher costs.

Before introducing our two new therapies, a word about anti-aging skin care. Anti-aging skin care, done properly, consists of two components:

First, is addressing the health and damage of the skin with proper cleansing, hydrating and protection.
Second is utilizing products, therapies and treatments that soften fine lines, stimulate collagen production, tighten skin and lift muscles.

These anti-aging treatment therapies can be done independently or together for superior results. It is important to combine these treatments with step one, a deep cleansing and assessment of skin damage.

What is Radiofrequency Therapy

Radiofrequency (RF) energy technology is utilized for non-surgical tightening of early loosening or sagging of skin and is ideal for those people who don’t want a surgical procedure.

Pure RF energy devices, like Thermage™, Accent™ and Pelleve™, is primarily used to treat skin laxity by facial tightening and is best suited to moderate sagging of facial tissues for people in their 40’s and 50’s but can be effective for all ages. Results depend of course on the degree of sagging. This modality is most commonly used to treat forehead, under eyes, cheeks, mid-face, jaw line and neck. It can be used on other areas as well such as decolletage and hands.

Based on current RF technology, most people see at minimum, a mild improvement in their skin tightness and have minimal risks with no downtime compared to surgery.

Pricing for radiofrequency skin tightening may vary depending on the number of areas treated and the device use.


Microcurrent facial treatment therapy delivers safe, painless, low-level electrical impulses to strategic locations under the skin to firm and tone the facial muscles on both an immediate and long-term basis. This technology simultaneously repairs collagen in the dermis (the deepest layer of the skin) while gently erasing signs of aging in the epidermis (the top layer of skin). As we age, our electrical impulses slow down, one of the causes of aging and sagging facial skin.

Microcurrent works in harmony with the bioelectrical currents naturally found in our bodies abd help speed up the cellular regenerative process resulting in firmer, healthier, more youthful looking skin.

Results vary depending on the degree of aging of the skin, but visible changes are seen in a majority of treatments.

Pricing for microcurrent may vary depending on the number of areas treated and the device use.